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Sorry, this sketchblog will be in English and just particulary in German. My new school term be... weiterlesen
18.9.09 21:41

The Sketch-Marathon Begins!

Hi. This is my first entry in my way to improve my drawing skills.My goal is to become a great drawe... weiterlesen
18.9.09 22:29

Sketches Part 2 Today

hi.well, i've never got time so i have to hurry up with drawing at the weekends! here's my seco... weiterlesen
19.9.09 01:54

not many but colorful!

i had to work a lot this weekend.even though i've not done my school homework, i did not have much t... weiterlesen
20.9.09 18:48

slowly moving forward

oops, i alrady have over 100 views. Thanks, guys. <3 i have to concentrate on school during ... weiterlesen
22.9.09 15:10

some random sketches and outlined comic page

don't steal any pics. thanks. hi!weekends are great!you have time to draw.but not many.  h... weiterlesen
26.9.09 04:23

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